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Every year, thousands of contacts and businesses go untapped.

With LeverGrow :

100% of your prospects and clients are tracked daily.
On average, 10 additional sales opportunities per month per sales.
Increase your closing rate by 30% with better timing and targeting.

1. We collect intent data daily

Using your lists, our algorithms gather intent data on a daily basis. LeverGrow collects and synthesizes a multitude of sources for you: job postings, professional social networks, websites.

We regularly add new sources. Have a specific information request? Contact us, we'd be delighted to discuss it with you.


2. Information is automatically sent to your CRM (Salesforce or HubSpot)

The information is sent directly to the right place. Sales representatives are alerted in the CRM as soon as there is relevant information about their prospects and clients. No more daily searches on their portfolio, they can focus on their core business : sales.
Take this opportunity to update your CRM!


3. Utilize signals in lists and workflows

Whether in Salesforce or HubSpot, automate sales and marketing actions to save time. For example, creating tasks for sales representatives, sending automated emails, prioritizing contacts, prospecting lists.

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LeverGrow :

Lucas Kantor
“LeverGrow empowers me to receive business opportunities through a wealth of information.”
Lucas Kantor - Brevo
Alexandre Nys
“Receiving business signals about our prospects is a business accelerator.”
Alexandre Nys - Naomi