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Empower your sales team with actionable insights.

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On average, 30% of contacts go untapped. Don't turn your CRM into a graveyard of opportunities.

How does it work?


1. Connect your CRM securely

Connect Salesforce or HubSpot in just one minute. We take your data privacy seriously. We limit our storage to only the specific fields in your CRM that are essential for our application, without collecting unnecessary information.
Your data is transferred using HTTPS and stored with AES-256 encryption on AWS RDS in Paris.

Connect your CRM securely
Diagram of the insight collection on the contacts and companies from your CRM

2. We gather insights on contacts and companies in your CRM

LeverGrow centralizes a multitude of data sources for you: Linkedin, Indeed, Crunchbase, Welcome to the jungle, Wappalyzer, BuildWith, etc.
LeverGrow AI ensures an excellent level of data quality. We've created an algorithm for matching your CRM data with web-based data.


3. Activate insights in your tools

Instantly notify your sales team through messaging platforms like Slack or Teams.
Hyper-personalize your prospecting campaigns to boost conversion rates.
Automatically enrich your CRM fields with up-to-date information.

Demonstration to act on insights in your tools

Integrated with your favourite tools

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Unlock Growth with impactful marketing and sales actions.

For marketing teams

Identify more qualified leads

Utilize your CRM contacts to surface qualified leads for your sales team. LeverGrow detects information within your contact database to better engage, prioritize, and reactivate them.

Diagram on lead detection
Figures on achieving objectives
For sales teams

Reach your sales goals more easily

LeverGrow helps you reach out to the right companies at the right time. The context of a contact and their company makes a difference. Signals help you identify companies in the best position to buy.

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LeverGrow :

Lucas Kantor
“LeverGrow empowers me to receive business opportunities through a wealth of information.”
Lucas Kantor - Brevo
Alexandre Nys
“Receiving business signals about our prospects is a business accelerator.”
Alexandre Nys - Naomi