How to Connect Your HubSpot Account to LeverGrow

Follow the following steps to integrate LeverGrow and HubSpot.

  • Sign up for LeverGrow at
  • Click on "Connect HubSpot".
  • Choose the HubSpot account you want to connect. You need to be an administrator of the HubSpot account.
    Choose account
  • Display activities in contacts and companies. Click on "filter by activities" and check "LeverGrow Integrations".
    Display contact activities
    Display company activites
  • Create lists based on signal categories. Create a dynamic list, add a filter, search for "LeverGrow", and choose an insight type.

    Here is an example of a list by insight type "Appointments" since 01/03/2023.

    List example
  • To create a workflow using signals:
    • Click on "Workflow".
    • Click on "Create a Workflow".
    • Choose "based on a contact".
    • Click on "Set enrollment triggers". You can use "LeverGrow: Contact Insight (LeverGrow)".
      Filter field
    • Choose an insight "Type": Fundraising, Hiring, Job offer, etc.
      Filter type
    • Add the next action of your choice: create tasks for a sales representative, send an email, add to a sequence, etc.
  • The HubSpot and LeverGrow configuration is complete!

    Contact us on the chat of our website or at if you have any questions.